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Monday, October 6, 2014

What a Wheek!!

 October 6, 2014 

Hola all!

Thanks everyone for the emails, and I hope you are all doing well and remembering to be happy in your daily life! As I told Cath, if there's one thing I've learned on the mish, it's that attitude is everything.

Well, this week was wonderful!!! We had exchanges on Wed. so I was in a different part of Salta with Hna Tingey, and it was amazing...made me realize how difficult our area is, and at first I was sad to go back to our area but then I just decided to be more determined to find success and that it takes a lot more creativity in our area. 

I taught my first piano lesson Wed. night! So far my only students are my comp and 1 recent convert (Andrea) but this week we are expecting at least 3 more students! It was a lot of fun--even though I had no idea how or what to teach, it turned out well.

Also another creative idea we are planning to unite our little group with the new ward we are joining with, as well as the community, is that there are a bunch of empty plazas in the neighborhoods, and we are gonna plan a big project to plant trees in the plazas!

Our first thunderstorm this week! It was cool and I can't wait for rainy season...Dec and Jan. It will be so green and pretty!

What else...OH when I was with Hna Tingey she gave me THIRTY references of people to contact in our area because she was in my area before it split into its own area, and all the paperwork stayed with the original area. Some of these we were able to teach, which was great. 

The miracle of the week was last night we taught a lesson to a family. Jorge and Gema are the parents, and they have 1 son and she is pregnant. About a week ago on a rough day we knocked 3 or 4 whole blocks and had left a Libro de Mormon with Jorge because we could just feel that he was prepared. (Our mission president challenged us to inundate the land with LdMs [Books of Mormon], and we are starting to see the fruits of our efforts in this for sure!) We taught them a lesson last night and the Spirit was very strong, and Jorge had read the first 15 chapters! They said that when they ask God and know that what we taught is true, they will want to be baptized!! Also Hno and Hna Aguero and their daughters came to conference on Sat [Church semiannual general conference, available at lds.org]! And he wasn't able to be baptized this Sat but we have set his date for the 11th. Please continue to pray for them; we are certain this time he will actually be baptized!

Speaking of conference, WOW it was so great! And how was that Cataract Canyon reference, Jon? haha. There is a member here who goes out with us sometimes and she mentioned that white water rafting is her fave sport and I told her Jon is a [river] guide, and she wants to meet (and-or marry) him. Also she asked me about formula 1 cars and I think she would like our family very much.

I can't remember anything else, but thank you for the prayers and thoughts and I love you all! Here's a brief spiritual thought from conference...I think it was very significant that so many people spoke on following the prophet and acting on what he teaches us, and then when the prophet spoke his message was very simple and clear. Be a little kinder, follow Jesus Christ. I hope we can all try to do this every day! This was a week of miracles and I'm so grateful we are finally starting to see the fruits of our work and effort.

Love you all!
Hermana Hooke

Got these pics recently from her mission president's wife's online page...would have been taken around Sept 10

That's a lot of missionaries!!

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