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Monday, September 29, 2014

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!! / The joys of panaderias and positive attitudes

September 29, 2014  HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!

Hello there!
I hope everyone is doing well and that Dad is partying it up for his 23rd birthday. That's cool about your new temple job mom, I'm sure you'll be great at it!
No, we didn´t see any [church women's] broadcast, didn't even know about it.

Well if there´s something important I learned this week, it's that an alfajor (or factura) [gingerbread:)] a day keeps the  blues away. Please remind me if I get married when I'm 65 that I will only marry someone who owns an Argentine panaderia [bread shop/bakery].

This week was still pretty hard, we still didn´t find anyone new to teach, but my attitude was a lot better. It helps that my comp is very positive. Sometimes it´s rell funny...for example, some lady wagged her finger at us through her window and then disappeared, and we waited for a minute because... I don´t really know why... and Hna Platino said that maybe she was just getting us cookies and soda. Also someone asked through the door who was there and after we answered, she locked the door, but Hna P said "I think she's still trying to open it..." I don´t know if those stories make sense but they were funny to me, haha.

One cool experience we had this week was working well as a team to receive revelation. We were walking home one night and Hna P said, "We need to go back and talk to that boy," so we did. We ere talking to him and it turned out he and his family were already members of the church and attend a different ward. We were about to leave when I knew I needed to ask him how old he was to segue into the topic of going on a mission. He said he was 21 and so we talked with him about going on a mission. He said he just didn´t have desires to go, and I hope we were able to help, and that maybe us talking to him was just what he needed to decide to go, who knows!

We´ve been focused on giving out libros de mormon with the goal of 2 a day... We have had some pretty cool experiences so far but pretty much every good contact we make is with someone who just happens to be in our area but doesn´t live there. But there are lots of other missionaries who owe us a thank you. :)

I am officially legal in Argentina [she has her visa!], so that´s the good news. Also I think my hair is growing fast. Also we made empanadas for the 1st time yesterday. They were very good even though they were filled with hot dogs and pizza sauce, because that's what we found in our fridge, haha. Also good news, we had 3 investigators at church yesterday, including Bro and Sis Aguero! [Thanks for your prayers, everyone!] Their daughter gave a talk too that was very good.

Starting the week after general conference, we will start meeting our little group with a ward in a neighboring town, Ciudad de Milagros. I think it will be good to have more people, but now there are different problems. For example, one new convert will not be able to come to church now because she works in the mornings and our church met in the evening, but now we will be meeting in the morning. So we need to figure out what to do about that.

I guess these are the highlights of the week! Also, Salta has the most beautiful sunsets every day!!! I learned how to say sunset, la puesta del sol. Anyways, hope you are all doing well, I LOVE YOU!
Hna Hooke

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