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Monday, October 27, 2014

Holaaaa! [HOT weather, healthy foods, haircuts, piano lessons, pillows, & more prepared people:)]

October 27, 2014
Hope all is well [with everyone at home], and respective other locations of recipients! Life is good in Salta! Wow I didn't realize it was so hot, I tried to do conversions [from Celsius to Fahrenheit] but I think I did it wrong because I came up with 130 degrees F, so if that was true I would probably be dead.

The whole Aguero family came to church on Sunday, as well as a new investigator Silvina and her 2 kids. That was great!

Thanks for the advice dad, I completely agree. I don't want baptisms, I want converts [i.e. people shouldn't just be baptized before they are really converted]. Reading the Book of Mormon together with the investigator makes a big difference. This week we saw a big change in Nicole and started teaching her mom too, and they both are changing a lot for the better- more happy, more peace. They both accepted to be baptized, so pray for them that they will continue to progress. Her mom's name is Paula.

Oh yeah so we went to lunch with Hna Reales on Wednesday and she is into the whole healthy food thing, and it was really funny because my comp has never eaten anything healthy in her life. She ate a raw carrot for the first time EVER.

Also Wednesday was my piano class, I had 4 students this week, so that was good! The bishop's son said he wanted to come, so as it was starting we called the bishop to ask if he was gonna come. He replied that THEY are on their way. This scared the living daylights out of me because he has 11 kids, and I thought all of them were coming. Luckily, only 2 of them came.

We definitely saw miracles this week! We taught the most lessons we ever have, we found some really prepared people, and this week I really felt the Spirit helping me as I taught. Like that scripture in Doctrine and Covenants--I forget where, but it says "open your mouth and it will be filled." I really felt that this week.

Love you all and if I can I will send pics...

I CUT HNA PLATINO'S HAIR TODAY... I can't believe she trusted me. It ended up about 6 inches shorter than I intended because one side was too long, then the other, then the other, etc....but she is nice
and didn't kill me or anything, so that's the good news. Other good news, we got pillows today! We still need curtains though. Our pension [apartment] is very new.

Love you , have a good week!

Hna Hooke

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