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Monday, October 20, 2014

Feliz Dia de las Madres (at least in Argentina!)

Monday, October 20, 2014

Note: as always, [words in brackets] are Lori's:)
Hola familia,
Yes this week flew by! As usual. Yep I am officially starting my 2nd transfer here in Huaico!  Crazy. Hna Platino has 8 months left. [A "transfer" is 6 weeks long and may result in a change of companions and/or area.]

We haven't been able to see Jorge and Gema. It's very difficult to find people at home. The neighborhoods we work in, most everyone works all day and sets our next appt for like a week away, and then they aren't there. So even when new investigators seem promising we don't see them for like 2 weeks and it's impossible for them to progress. ["Progressing" includes keeping commitments to live a better life, reading from the Book of Mormon, as well as attending church on Sundays]. We are doing our best. 

Hno Aguero is out of town visiting his mom for Mother's Day, and he always works too, so we can almost never teach him. We found ELEVEN nuevos [new interested people] this week! Please pray for them that they will be able to progress, and also just that all our investigators in general will be able to progress. Hna Aguero and Facundo came to church yesterday, and Hna P and I taught gospel principles [Sunday School class], and it went very well. 

Now that the problem is over I'm allowed to tell you: we always are running out of money because the ATM by our pension [apartment] doesn't accept our cards, but today my mission debit card finally worked!!!!! Woohoo that was a relief. We are trying to eat more healthy, and a new family moved into a new part of our area who is "de diez" (like 10 out of 10). Hno Reales served a mission in CALIFORNIA and is studying to be an English professor, and his wife knows all about health foods and stuff and is gonna give us recipes, and also is going to give us lunch us on Wednesdays. Hooray! More almuerzos! My shoes are fine.

That's a rell nice story about the dead possum...haha. Glad you got that fixed. [An uninvited possum chose the crawl space under our house to die...]

Wow sounds like everyone and their mom is "meeting the Mormons"... [We have taken several friends to see the movie "Meet the Mormons"--still in our area through Wednesday I think--a very inspiring movie about 6 different Mormon families in different parts of the world--each with their own story. I think anyone would find it inspiring! If you haven't see it, SEE IT:) ] I will have to see that one day. 

This week we had the historic 1st ever meeting for only hermanas. It was wonderful, and big for hnas, they gave us cookies and stuff and talked about a lot of stuff that was very uplifting and helpful, like health tips, how to get along better with our comps, and Proverbios 31:10 ["Who can find a virtuous woman?  for her price is far above rubies."] A part that was very interesting is that Hna Chaparro [mission president's wife] had everyone write on a sticky note a physical challenge and a spiritual challenge and put them in a box. She read them out loud and then everyone wrote on another sticky note advice for someone else´s trial that had been read. She then read these pieces of advice out loud and it was amazing to see that the same people who had these trials also had so much wisdom and help.

Sisters Meeting

The weather here is unpredictable. This week we had the hottest (and I mean HOT...someone said 40 degrees Celsius...not sure exactly what that is but its over 100F. [I looked it up--104F]) and also crazy rainstorms, and it gets cold when it rains. Also this week a fun experience was that some stupid little rat dog with a pink collar outside someone's house (Hna P said ¨fue como un gatito recien nacido¨)  ["it looked like a newborn kitten"] bit my ankles.  It was rather funny. I don't have rabies, don't worry--it didn't even break the skin. That's all the time I have, I love you!
Hna Hooke

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