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Monday, June 29, 2015

Gypsy Miracle...


Well I have literally 4 minutes to write this.......
My new comp is Hermana Ostler from Oregon, she has 5 months in the mission. We have a lot in common and she's super sweet, so it should be a good transfer (6 weeks)!
We had a really neat experience where we really saw the hand of the Lord and I felt just a little bit of how big this work really is and that we are only little pieces to bring about God's eternal purposes. We went to visit the Funes family (gitanos [Gypsies]) and for the first time we met the dad. Not gonna lie we were really scared of him. But he started to ask us lots of questions, and a member that was with us helped a lot to answer them and then the dad told us that he has been looking for the truth in a lot of churches but not finding it. And that VERY DAY he had prayed to God asking for a sign. And we showed up. He was very resolved to attend church with us on Sunday. I've been told that hips don't lie [I had to look that one up on Wikipedia: "Hips Don't Lie" is the name of  "a salsa and worldbeat song"--you'll have to look up "worldbeat" on your own!], but also gypsies don't lie when they say they will do something. Unfortunately he got called in to work at 4:30 am so he could not go to church, but he is for sure going to go next week. So that is your gypsy miracle for the week. 
Love you all immensely! And always remember that when things go wrong and life doesn't make sense, someone is actually in charge and helping to mold us into something much better than we ever imagined. 
Love you! 
Best, Hermana HOookeee

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