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Monday, June 22, 2015

¡Feliz Día Papá! (ayer)

Heyyy there!

Hope all is well! This week was pretty good here in Metán! I was on divisiones for 2 days. I stayed here and Hermana Castillo went to Bella Vista in Tucumán. For one day I was with Hermana Moss who is going home in 1 week and the next day I was with Hermana Christensen who lives with us and has 8 months here. It was really great and we saw a lot of small miracles. Especially that we have 2 families that are progressing a lot! Please keep them in your prayers - family Caliuolo (Dad, they said there last name is from Sicily [where Chris served his mission], cool huh?) and family Núñez Angelicola. They are seriously the best. We are gonna work a lot with them so they can go to church this week! Thanks for the prayers, after the tribulations always come the blessings!
The picture is us with Reina, a blind lady who is really cute. The other is at lunch with a member who cooks realllly well and her 99-year-old dad. Also Agustín is doing a lot better than the last couple weeks!

I was reading the talk from the last conference by Elder Causse (I think thats how its spelled) about how so many times we have marvelous things in front of our faces and are just so accustomed that we stop noticing them, like little miracles and blessings, the doctrines of the gospel, especially the atonement. But when we have the company of the Spirit, he brings all things to our remembrance, including the miracles we have seen and don't want to forget! I thought that was pretty cool.
Well have a great week! Most likely my last week with Hermana Castillo....we shall see. 
Love you!
Hermana Hooke

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