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Monday, June 8, 2015

El tiempo se va volando, ¿que no? [Time flies!!] [ Fun photos of a jungle hike:) ]

Heyyy de nuevo I don't have very much time....sorry!

Today we went to Rosario de la Frontera (the area of our lider de distrito) and hiked some ridiculous jungle path that would have been easier with a machete. We were looking for an old chapel, but we never found it. haha but it was lots of fun.

Jungle Hike...

[Not a chapel:)]
Well all is weell in Metán! This week was pretty cool because we were working a lot but not seeing the results so we stopped to think about what we were doing wrong. We realized that we weren't inviting everyone to be baptized because sometimes we were a little scared of what they would say. But we decided to do it no más and de inmediato we started to see milagros. For example passing by a house that we had knocked before and they didn't receive us, we both felt the soft but distinct impression that we needed to try one more time. We did, and they let us in to teach and now we have a family of oro [gold--a sincere humble family]! Also we found several people who are sincerely searching for the truth. Please keep Agustín in your prayers, we are going to see how he is doing this week and hopefully we can carry through with his baptism this Saturday
Yup the Church is true, the Spirit changes hearts, and God loves us and has a plan for each one of us if we accept His guidance. 
OHH PS I saw an elder who did divisiones [visits] in what used to be Huaico and he told me that Liza (my first convert) is super strong and preparing to go to the temple!!!! Woohoooo!!! 
Well love you all lots!!!!!! 
Best, Hermana Hooke

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