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Monday, March 23, 2015

I think it's finally autumn!!!!!

Hola mis seres queridos [Hello my beloved beings],
Hope all is well! All is sure well in Belgrano [the part of the city of San Pedro de Jujuy she is in]. This week was great!! We got caught in a crazy storm without raincoats or umbrellas until a nice man and his daughter gave us a ride, Hermana Hammond helped me overcome my sugar addiction, we are having lots of fun with What Are The Odds, it's actually cooled down a lot (last night I actually got cold so I covered myself up with a skirt...haha the blankets are all in storage), we found some wonderful new investigators and 2 sisters we met on Saturday, Mariel and Cyntia, came to church on Sunday and loved it, the branch leaders are really excited to help out in the new mission plan, and we saw many miracles of being in the right place at the right time in order to meet people. Por ejemplo [for example] ¨That's interesting that the first time we ever come to the plaza as a family, we meet you. I've been asking God for a sign.¨ And ¨I prayed last night and this morning that you would come.¨ And we did. I just love seeing the Lord's fingerprint in little things like that. 
Well, it is time for the best part of the week..........
The whole Diaz family came to church yesterday, and Marta and Evaristo, the parents, are getting baptized this Saturday!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for your prayers! Please keep them up so that everything goes smoothly this week. Marta for some time has been saying that yes she wants to get baptized but ¨más adelante¨ or basically at some indefinite point in the future and Evaristo said that when she gets baptized he will too. And in sacrament meeting yesterday Hermana Hammond asked Marta, ¨They are going to announce a baptism this Saturday, do you want them to announce your names?¨ And she said yes!!! I was sitting in another part with some other investigators and when Hermana Hammond told me I almost started crying I was SO HAPPY!!!! I love this family so much and now I know that they can go to the temple one day! I know I've said this like 23987 times but THE GOSPEL BLESSES FAMILIES!!!! Love you all! Oh PS I got the letters from Mom Bails Megan Syd and Lani (and Cath :) the other week! Thanks so much! 
Until next time,
Hermana Hooke

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