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Hermana Emily Hooke
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Monday, March 30, 2015

Feliz Conferencia General y Pascua! [Happy General Conference and Easter!]


Hope all is well. All is well in Belgrano, although there have been some surprises this week. First of all Marta and Evaristo Díaz couldn´t get baptized  which was a bummer, but we are going to try to work with them and later on they will be able to get baptized. But the important thing is that they want to be baptized, so we will keep working with their whole family! Hernan, Mayra, and Celeste are super strong in the church! Hernan is really excited to be a missionary for his neighborhood to help with the Misión Belgrano. We are going to have a special branch missionary training on Wednesday so that should be fun. The pictures are from Cati Diaz´s 7th birthday, we had lunch with them. I gave her a rubber lobster, so it was a good day overall.

Wellllll we are doing very well, we are laughing probably too much but life is good and we are going to finish the transfer strong!! 

I´m so grateful that for this Easter I can be here serving the Lord and telling everyone the good news - because He suffered and paid for our sins, we can be clean, and because He gave his life and was resurrected, we can live again, too. I love Him with all my heart, I love my companion and area and the people here, and I love you all too! We are also so blessed to be able to listen to our prophet on Easter. It will be very special and I invite everyone to go hear him speak and testify of our Savior Jesus Christ. ¡Que tengan una hermosa semana! [May you all have a beautiful week!]
Hermana Hooke
PS the other foto is of a bridge that we always cross to get to the Diaz house. We came one day and it had collapsed, but we used it anyway. :) 

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