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Monday, December 1, 2014

Traslados!!!! [Transfers!]

Hola! Espero que todos esten bien! Bueno, Hna Platino left today for *Jujuy! (a province more to the north) I learned so much from her, it's crazy my training is already over. My new compañera is Hermana Ixmata (ish-ma-TA) from Guatemala! She is really nice and calm and full of love and I am sure I will learn a lot from her too! She only has a few months more than I do in the mission.

Sounds like y'all had a good Thanksgiving! Glad you enjoyed it with the family and also glad you enjoyed the fotos I sent.

This week Liza progressed a lot, she is super excited about everything still, reads the BoM and prays every day and even taught her friends at school the 10 commandments and what she learned in church! Woohoo she will be the first person I am able to teach who gets baptized! She is awesome. Also this week we worked with Aldana and Oscar, a 20 yr old couple who are also super awesome, they are both studying and came to a Noche de Hogar ("family home evening"] activity in the church and liked it a lot. Please pray for them and for Oscar's health too.

That is INCREDIBLE the guys' team [VHS Cross Country] won state! Daanggg they must be supah fast! That's crazy they are going to nationals!!! Wow.
This week we did divisions [when each companion makes visits with another person] with the YW president Daniela and Hna Reales. I went with Hna Reales to visit her neighbor to help her with her English homework (but she didn't really need help....she is suuuper advanced and asked me to revise her essay in which she used the word pedagogy....) and after we were able to have a small lesson. Her name is Marta and she is really great and prepared for the gospel. She has a 3 yr old handicapped son named Donato. But when we returned to visit her, her husband was there and he is not interested at all...it's always sad when we know our message will bless their family so much but one person wants to listen and the other no. Also when we passed by the Diaz family we talked with her husband and he listened to the missionaries about 10 yrs ago and said it was a really good experience, he went to church and read the BoM and prayed but in the end he said he never felt like getting baptized, and he doesn't want to have disunion in his family. But we talked with him and he agreed to read his old copy of the BoM and pray again with his family, and I think his family just needs some time. It's sad when people who seem so sincere don't recognize good feelings as an answer, but really peace is what we all desperately need in our lives, and this is what the gospel brings. I love in the intro to the BoM where it says that this book contains what we have to do to find peace in this life and salvation in the next. Tha'ts a pretty important book if you ask me. Well all is well here in Huaico, the church is true, life is good. Love you! Hasta el proximo lunes!
Hermana Hooke
*[I, Lori, find "Jujuy" (pronounced "hoo HOO ee" to be a wonderful word for occasions when "Yahoo!" doesn't quite fit:)]

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