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Argentina Salta Mission
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Hermana Emily Hooke
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Monday, November 24, 2014

EMPEZAMOS LA ULTIMA SEMANA DE MI NIÑEZ ("We started the last week of my childhood", which perhaps means her training is almost finished:)

November 24, 2014
Hola! This week was good, I feel very much accustomed to and am enjoying the mission life. Last week Hna Platino helped me make the same decision that Pres Hinckley made on his mission, to forget himself and get to work. I committed (better late than never) to really give my all every day, in every study, every lesson, physically and spiritually. It has really made a difference.

3 weekly highlights-

1 Paola (Nicole's mom) and her family are going through some rough times, we were able to visit her with our district leader and they gave her and her mom priesthood blessings. It was a really sweet experience. I felt so strongly that they are daughters of Heavenly Father and have so much potential because of this! Keep them in your prayers, and especially that Paola can have the strength to close her little store on Sundays so she can come to church. They are in a tight spot financially but she knows she will receive blessings for doing it.

2 We are teaching a 16 yr old girl named Liza and she is progressing so much! She is really excited about everything and fulfills her commitments that we leave her and she came to church yesterday! We are working with  her to be able to be baptized 13 of Dec.

3 Yesterday before leaving the pension Hna Platino prayed that we would be able to find a family. Later on we were walking and I remembered a man I had seen in the corner of my eye outside his house a few blocks back and felt like we should go back. Whenever I have these impractical thoughts it's hard to know if it's just a random thought or if it is the Spirit, you just have to act and by the results you will know it was really the Spirit. We went back and his wife let us in and we taught a lesson to her and their 4 kids, it was really a good experience. We will keep visiting them and see how it goes! Keep them in your prayers too (Familia Diaz).

Well I hope all is well in the States, enjoy your turkey while I am eating empanadas and alfajores! Love you all! 

Hna Hooke

This is why maxi skirts are not allowed...

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