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Monday, December 8, 2014

Milagros estan pasando en Ciudad De Milagros!!! (Miracles are happening in City of Miracles!!)


First, Mom, where you served your mission [Guatemala Quetzaltenango] is in Hna Ixmata's stake at home!!! Do you remember any of the people there?

Thanks everyone for the prayers and emails!

This week was good, we are learning a lot. When I was finishing my entrenamiento [training] I was "rell" excited that when I finished we would have a lot more time (because of a lot less studying) to visit all the people we need to visit, because we were always pressed for time. Well, this week we sure had more time, but also I don't know what happened with all the people that we had to visit, we ended up tocando puertas [knocking doors] for a looong time. But, we found 20 new people to teach!!!! And families! ("new" meaning that they received us, we taught a lesson and have an appt to return.)
We saw many miracles yesterday especially on fast Sunday, best of all, Liza and Antonela both came to church....with members!!!! We passed by for Liza and she said that Aylen was coming to pick her up, and another family passed by for Antonela and she was sitting in RS with the hermana when we walked in!!! It was seriously a miracle! Especially because we were very worried that Liza wasn't going to come to church. BUT she came and she is super excited for everything and even registered for PFJ (like EFY [a regional church program for youth])! It really makes all the difference when investigators have a friend in the church! So make sure when you see someone new at church to talk to them and make them feel welcome!

Here's a tidbit of good news, 2 people in 1 day thought I was my companion on the phone! Hopefully by the time I leave I can convince the people I am from Buenos Aires...

We can Skype with the family for 40 minutes on either Christmas Eve or Christmas. I guess I will tell you more when I know more.

You have probably heard of a Christmas message dealio the church has, it's a video called "El es la Dadiva" ("He is the Gift", in English, I suppose) and it's very good, I invite you to watch it if you haven't! christmas.mormon.org

Love you all!
Hasta el proximo lunes,
Hermana Juc  [Spanish pronunciation of Hooke:) ]

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