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Monday, September 15, 2014


September 15, 2014 [keyboards are different in Spanish!]

Buenos Aires Temple
 Well, after about 40 plus hrs of traveling, I finally arrived in Salta at midnight on whatever day that was [maybe the evening of the 10th?], then we went to eat dinner at Pres Chaparro{s house, and got to bed about 3am before waking up to go to an all day transfer meeting and a member of the 70 [Elder Zaballo] talked to us too.

President and Hermana Chaparro, Emily's Mission Presidents  

Picture from Sister Chaparro's blog--the new group of missionaries!
My trainer (mi mama) is Hna Platino and she is great! She is from Peru but lives in Manaus Brasil, didn{t Tommy or Jon serve there? Sometimes I forget that she doesn{t speak English because she often serves as a translator between me and other people....I don{t know if it{s her accent or what but I can understand her way easier than anyone else here. I{m learning Castellano fast (not espanol, castellano) and I{m able to contribute to lessons minimally.

One of my first impressions of Argentina...we were outside waiting for a colectivo (bus) and we were across the street from a hospital and a teenage boy ran down the sidewalk by us holding an IV rack that was still connected to his arm. Haha.
Que mas. I was pretty frustrated the other day because we walked for over 30 mins to go to an appt at a lady{s house and she wasn{t home so we called her and she was at work. Why didn{t we call her before we went all the way there? I don{t know. I{m starting to realize though that whether we had a fixed appointment or not people usually aren{t home or are too busy doing something.
The people here are so nice! Always friendly and out of every person we talked to all week only one person said he wasn{t interested, everyone else said we could come back. Pretty crazy! I guess my prayers were answered that I would go somewhere where people would listen.
There{s a new member a teenage girl and she came to a lesson with us to teach her friend Nicole and she brought her boyfriend too. At the beginning of the lesson he didn{t know if he believes in God but by the end he accepted a Book of Mormon and agreed to pray to see if God exists. That was pretty cool.
I{m going to teach piano lessons for free to whoever wants to come and the students can play simple hymns in church. We are in Huaico, a very new area that Hna Platino actually opened and there aren{t enough members for a branch even, it{s just a group of people that meet. I haven{t actually been to church yet because I was very sick yesterday.
These pictures are Grace and I in the MTC (Idk what{s going on with my shirt), the first sunrise over Argentina, the Buenos Aires tmple, Buenos Aires from a distannce, Hna Platino and I, the view from the front window of our pension (a little apartment) but it{s nice inside, I am trying to figure out how to send them.....hopefully I can. Well I love you all! Hope life is good!
Hermana Hooke

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  1. That's so exciting that you have arrived in Salta! What a wonderful place. I'm glad the people are friendly. Prayers for you!