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Argentina Salta Mission
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Hermana Emily Hooke
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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

For my last transfer, I am in...

............Concepción! haha I am very happy to stay here with so many wonderful people that I love dearly! Hermana Barros went to Salta and my new companion is Hermana Warren from Utah. She came from Belgrano (one of my old areas) and her companion was Hermana Vargas (one of my old comps!) Qué loco, no?

Well this has been a week of spiritual growth. We were able to see a worldwide transmission [broadcast] for missionaries and we also had a conference with a member of one of the Quorums of the Seventy and his wife who came from Buenos Aires, Elder Krasnoselsky (or something like that....ha). We learned a lot about the importance of the Spirit in the conversion of people. I really liked something Elder Bednar said: Teaching is not talking. It is listening and observing, both to the Spirit and the investigator. We tried very hard to do this during the week and have been able to help Juan Peralta progress a lot--he is the branch president's father-in-law. He is the first investigator I have taught who from the beginning has a very strong testimony and already knows the church and the Book of Mormon are true. We just have to help him be willing to change and leave a whole life of what he's used to for what he knows is the truth. Silvia went to church again and if all goes well she will get baptized now on Febuary 6th! 
Well I am out of time, we have to go to lunch now (we had permission to write today because my comp got here really late yesterday so we couldn't write.)
Well, I love my Heavenly Father, I love His children, I love my Savior Jesus Christ, and I am grateful for the family that I have! I love you all very much!
Con cariño,
Hermana Hooke :)

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