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Monday, January 18, 2016

Don't Fall Asleep During Long Talks


Hope all is well in Ventura/San Clemente/Boise/Ohio/Utah/anywhere else you might be reading this!
I have a different companion for a few days, her name is Hermana Bitton, our companions went to do visa stuff in San Miguel. She started the mission in a pueblo called Simoca that is in our zone here in Concepción, so today we went there so she could see her old friends! And we had lunch with a marvelous almost-member Rosa (she is waiting for the divorce from her ex-husband so she can get married officially to her current husband and be baptized) [happens a lot in South America!]. In Simoca, it is very tranquilo (peaceful) and the people are very nice.
This week we found a lot of new investigators, and a 17-yr-old member Daiana (who wasn't active but now is active just because we visited her one time) is helping us a lot by accompanying us and encouraging her family to listen to us.
Silvia (our investigator whose 7 kids are members) was going to get baptized this week but she got sick and wasn't able to go to church. We were waiting for several investigators at church yesterday and no one showed up and it just hurt my heart! And it made me realize how much it must hurt Heavenly Father when we don't do the things we know we should! But we have at least 1 more week to work and help our investigators and recent converts here to keep their commitments. I have no idea what will happen next week when it's transfer time again...I hope to finish my last transfer (6 weeks) here in Concepción, but we will see what God's plan is for me!
Well I love you all lots! 
Hermana Hooke :)
PS if you want to know the explanation for the subject line, look up  Acts 20:7-9. :)

1 comment:

  1. prayers for Silvia! Good luck with your last transfer! You're doing great!