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Monday, August 31, 2015

No Sparrow Falls to the Ground Unnoticed

[First, here are Emily's responses to some of my questions:]

About how she eats milanesa (which, according to the 52 things she wrote last week, is "its own food group" learned las(which is breaded meat):
Normally we eat milanesa with rice or mashed potatoes or fideos (noodles.) also milanesa napolitana is really good, it has tomato sauce and cheese on top.
About the size of her city and how many missionaries work there:
Metán is pretty small, it is only me and Hermana Ostler and Hermana Quiceno (from Colombia) with a mini misionera (short term companion) from Tucumán (Hermana Medrano). 
About how often they get to eat dinner with the members:  
We eat with members every day except P Day, and sometimes Thursdays. The members are buenísimos [WONDERFUL!] 
[And now her main email:]
Hola! I don't have any time left but I just wanted to share a silly little story with you all. This week I was in Tucumán for 2 days on divisiones with Hermana Castillo (a different Hermana Castillo, from Peru) and one morning we opened the balcony doors because we were hot, and a little baby bird flew in and kept trying to leave though a closed window, and it hurt itself. We made it a little bed and gave it food and water, but I thought maybe it got hurt really bad and would die. I said a little prayer that it could be healed and be okay, and a few minutes later we went out to check on it and it had flown away! I was happy that God hears and answers even the simplest of prayers. 
And that is all for today, have a great week! 
Love you all.
Hermana Hooke :)

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