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Monday, May 18, 2015

So long to San Pedro! [Córdoba temple dedication] PHOTOS GALORE!!

Hope you are all doing well! Well after 4.5 months in San Pedro, I am in Metán, in the province of Salta again. My compañera is Hermana Castillo, from Chile. Don't really have anything to say about her or the area yet because I have been here for like 1 hour but she seems really great and the area seems really great! It is full-blown autumn here! Really pretty.
Well my last week in San Pedro was wonderful. Mostly because of how it ended. We went to Jujuy to see a transmission of the Córdoba [Argentina] temple dedication, and 6 recent converts went with us and the branch president and his family!!!! All the Diaz and Rojas kids and another young man Gastón who recently is active again in the church.

That pickup truck is how 12 people got to the temple dedication
In the truck!

It was so beautiful, because to go to the dedication you had to have a temple recommend, so that means they are all temple-worthy! The dedication was really cool, (my first!) President Uchtdorf and Elder Christofferson went to Córdoba for it.

Online photo of the Córdoba Argentina temple (they went to a broadcast of the temple dedication, not to the actual dedication)

"After the dedication we had a picnic lunch by that pretty lil river"

[Previously the closest temple to Salta was the Buenos Aires temple, a distance of over 900 miles. The Córdoba temple is a little over 500 miles to Salta.]  Elder Christofferson speaks Spanish because he served in my very own mission several years ago! (okay, more than several years ago.) All of us who attended really felt the significance of the temple. The covenants that we make there are the bridge between earth and heaven, that link us to God. Someone who spoke shared a scripture that I liked a lot, I only have it in Spanish so I wont type it but its in D&C 97:15-16. If you have gone to the temple, I invite you to think about the covenants you made and try to keep them, and if you haven't gone, I invite you to prepare to go! Pres Uchdorf said a current temple recommend is a symbol of our love for God. So that's pretty cool.

Well love you all! Here are some (more) pics for your viewing pleasure.
Best, Hermana Hooke

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