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Monday, May 25, 2015

Semana 1 en Metán 2! [First week in Metán]

This week was good, lots of things have happened! First of all, Metán is really different. There are Gypsies and gringo Mennonites, and the people who own the store where we shop speak Chinese with each other. I guess it's not that weird, just diverse, unlike any of my other areas up until now! But it's cool to learn new things, ¿que no?
Hermana Castillo is 23 and is a convert and has 1 year in the mission. She is really friendly with everyone and really fun. I have learned a lot from her already. Oh yeah there are 2 other hermanas here, the 4 of us live together and share a branch [small congregation].
Welllll the coolest miracle we saw this week was on Monday night a member called us to tell us that her cousin's boyfriend wants to get baptized and wants us to teach him. Pretty cool considering normally we have to find people to teach who generally aren't that interested in their salvation and stuff. He is 17 and his name is Agustín, he has been attending church but the missionaries had never taught him because his mom didn´t want them to, but now she is okay with it! So we´ve been working with him a lot. 
The members here are the BEST! We have to alternate weeks of almuerzos [lunches] because there are so many people who want to feed us. And there are families and ex-missionaries and it's great. Members make all the difference in missionary work, because, after all, it is their work! 
Yup. This week was also really hard because of something that happened with an investigator who was supposed to get confirmed [a member of the church] (already got baptized but couldn't get confirmed because of the temple dedication trip) and didn't end up getting confirmed, but overall it was a good week and I'm learning a lot and already growing to love Metán. 
Yup that's it in a nutshell.
Love you all so much! Remember that when it gets hard, use the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I'm learning more and more that it is real--He heals our mistakes and strengthens our weaknesses. Hope you have a beautiful week! :)
Hermana Hooke

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