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Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 33 in the Misión Argentina Salta! (I think)

Hows it going? First of all, I am glad that you're doing alright what with your sprained toe joint and everything, Mom [snorkeling injury--I'm off crutches as of yesterday!!:)]. Secondly, thanks for the pics, looks like you had tons of fun in Hawaii! Thirdly, I love you all!
Well this week was a bit rough. Not very many people wanted to listen to us, Cristina included, church assistance [help from the members] was at an all time low and nobody in familia Rojas or familia Diaz came to church. I was feeling pretty down yesterday because I love these people so much and I have done and am doing everything I can, and it is the hardest thing to see them not doing well. As a representative of Jesus Christ I am coming to understand the Atonement in a very new and very real way. I don't think I loved very much before the mission, but now I am understanding what it is like to hurt when other people don't choose to live the gospel because we love them and know it is the way they can find eternal happiness. 
The Littlest Diaz
 Well that's enough Debbie downer for the week, I am doing well and we are keeping positive, I know that my success as a missionary does not depend on decisions of others. We are going to keep working with these families to strengthen them. All is not lost! Also Veronica is back on track for baptism, if all goes well it should be May 9th. Keep her in your prayers please!
Thanks Jon and Cath and Mom for the letters!!!! :) Hermana Stewart is going to use the talk you sent me Mom in her capacitación [training] tomorrow, it was a very good talk. (about testimony versus conversion) [https://www.lds.org/ensign/2015/02/testimony-and-conversion?lang=eng].
What else...I have to go to Salta tomorrow to do tramites ["formal procedures" probably to renew her visa!] so that I'm not an illegal alien here.
We painted the new branch president's house the other day, that was fun, also we played volleyball today with our district and some members. Also fun story, there is an abuelito [little grandpa man] that we run into a couple times a week and every time it's like Christmas, he has a little bag on his wheelchair and pulls out alfajores [her favorite cookies] or something to give to us because we are ¨amigas de su alma.¨  [friends of his soul] haha. I don't know if he has a family or even a house but he is always so happy. Así que (Thus] there is always something to be happy about! Life is good.
Sanding President Valdez' house
Hope you all have a splendid week! Love you! 
PS Jon and Cath if you read this have fun in Costa Rica!!!!
Hermana Hooke

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