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Hermana Emily Hooke
Argentina Salta Mission
Casilla de Correo 429
4400 Salta

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Hermana Emily Hooke
Argentina Salta Mission
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Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0150

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Monday, April 13, 2015


First off, YES I got your package! Thanks!
There were sour gummi worms in the package!
Second off, this week was very long for some reason but nothing interesting really happened. Oh I guess it was interesting when we went to the hospital for an allergic reaction Hermana Stewart had when something bit her. Don´t worry, she´s alright. Hermana Stewart arrived in Argentina the same transfer that I did! She has 1 month more than I do in the mission though because she was in the MTC for longer. She is from Utah and is very cheerful and sweet and obedient. (there's your description mom:)
Hermana Stewart & Hermana Hooke
Please keep familia Díaz and familia Rojas in your prayers. None of my converts went to church yesterday. It makes me very sad and worried. But we are going to work very hard as a companionship and as branch council (oh also our branch pres got released but they didn't call a new one. So now we don't have a branch pres...) and I will not leave Belgrano with my converts less active. Baptisms are relatively easy when compared with retention, I am finding out. I don´t know why but that's how it is here. But I love these people and God loves these people and we are going to succeed!
Also please pray for Verónica, she accepted a baptismal date for the 25th but still feels that she isn't  receiving an answer. But she is searching for peace and knows she feels good when we teach her and when she goes to church. 
Well by the looks of the fotos, looks like the Hookes are having lots of fun! Hopefully the go cart doesn't break before I get home... Oh also are you (mom and dad) gonna go to Hawaii for Jon´s graduation? It's not every day that someone graduates from 17th grade! 
Well love you all!!! ¡Que tengan una linda semana!
XOXO Hermana Hooke

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