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Monday, December 7, 2015

It Snowed in Pleno Verano (the middle of SUMMER)!!

Hola y feliz lunes! Hope everyone is well!
Thanks for all your prayers. Hermano Pallares got confirmed this week! Your next task: pray that Salomé his granddaughter will be able to get baptized! She is excited and ready but we need the permission of her parents and they are literally NEVER home. Hermano Pallares really is raising her because her parents seem to be ALWAYS working or doing other things. But we want to help their whole family!
This week we saw a lot of miracles, and looking back I can recognize how the Spirit was guiding us. We decided, I didn't really know why, (now I know it was the Spirit guiding us) to go to 2 parts of our area that aren't even very far away, we had just never gone before because my comp before had never gone because her comp before me had never gone, etc. And we found a less active member and her huge non member family in one of the areas, and in the other we found a new WONDERUL family to teach! It was kind of funny, we were talking to people outside their houses and this little boy was  following us around and very interested in what we were doing, so we started to talk to him and turns out he was the nephew of our relief society president. He had seen the missionaries in her house before but had never really talked to them. He told us where he lived just around the corner and we went and met Laura who was taking care of her 3 kids while her husband (who is another nephew of the RS Pres) was at work. We only had about a 15 minute lesson with her....but SHE CAME TO CHURCH! So basically it pays off to follow the Spirit. That is the moral of the story. 
Love you all! Have a great week!!!
Hermana Hooke 
Today a business gave us a huge map of Concepción that they were gonna throw away because they got a new one. (the good news)
We had to haul it a kilometer to our house (the bad news)... okay the photo is a bit dramatized. haha

On Sunday I woke up and look what I saw...SNOW!

Remember that in Argentina, summer, not winter, is starting...

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