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Hermana Emily Hooke
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Monday, October 19, 2015

[Much ado about eating... and popped footballs:) ]

Hola a todos! Hope you are all well!

Well to start, yesterday was Mother's Day here in Argentina, and the Argentines sure like to eat. We had lunch with the branch president's whole extended family and here is everything I ate: sandwiches, pizza, empanadas, chicken, rice, steak, potato salad, sausage, 2 types of soda, coconut pie and lemon meringue pie and strawberry and creams with cake. I thought I was going to die of diabetes and clogged arteries and like 5 other diseases all at the same time...but I survived! So that's the good news.
This week we could see a ton of progress with Susana, she can't let one day go by without reading the Book of Mormon and she loves church more every time! But she is waiting for her divorce to go through with her ex-husband so she can get married to her new one of 6 years, so we might have to wait a little bit for her baptism. But hey there could be a miracle and the paperwork could all get finished up...I don't really know how that all works.
Please pray for Pallares [English pronunciation: pie-ARE-ace], he has to go to Buenos Aires for a very risky operation.
Today we met as a zone to play fútbol and have lunch, it was very fun, until our zone leader kicked the ball over the wall and it got popped.
Well I don't really have anything else interesting to say! Just that I am happy and well and the Church is true! Until next week.
Hermana Hooke
PS I was about to send fotos but this cyber doesn't recognize my camera....so I guess you'll never meet Hermana Vargas now. Que triste

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