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Monday, September 28, 2015


28 September 2015 
["Uncle Chris" is one of Emily's nicknames for her Dad, whose birthday is tomorrow:) ]


Espero que todos estén muy bien! [I hope you are all very well!] I just finished up my first week in Concepción and I am a big fan! The people here are so warm and friendly, the members and also most of the people we talk to on the street. One lady let us in and told us to sit down before we could even introduce ourselves! My companion is so sweet and funny and I am a big fan of her also, I am learning a lot! We have a young married couple Cynthia and Alejandro who are progressing a lot and we are working with them for October 17th to get baptized! They moved in next door to some really great members and that's how they got introduced to the church. 

Also this week we saw a really cool miracle! We met a young Colombian family (remember my comp is Colombian) and they were basically our best friends after like 5 minutes (actually at first the wife didn't like us but when we invited her to listen she completely changed!) They invited us to lunch and we had Colombian food and Hermana Vargas almost died of happiness, it was super yummy. Sadly, they are leaving today or tomorrow to return to Colombia, BUT they live in the same city as Hermana Vargas´ cousins who are members and we are going to tell the missionaries there to visit them because they are awesome!

Well something that I am learning is that I will always keep learning. Even more than a year into the mission, every day when I study I find things that I need to improve and apply to be a better missionary. I feel that I am still progressing a lot towards being a better missionary and I am so happy here. 

Here is a quote from Elder Bednar:

¨Most of us know that when we do things wrong and need help to overcome the effects of sin in our lives, the Savior has made it possible for us to become 
clean through His redeeming power. But do we also understand that the Atonement
 is for faithful men and women who are obedient, worthy, and conscientious and 
who are striving to become better and serve more faithfully?¨

Repentance is not just for big mistakes. It is also for being a little better every day, and we will need it until we are like Jesus Christ, our perfect example in everything. I am so grateful for this short time that I have on the mission and for the sacrifice of my Savior that makes improvement, progress, forgiveness, and hope possible. 

I love you all so much! Have a great week! And get excited for GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! :) [Broadcast live on lds.org or byutv.org at 9am and 1pm both Saturday the 3rd and Sunday the 4th. Also available to watch later on lds.org]

Hermana Hooke

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