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Monday, July 20, 2015

Happy Bday Cath n Lib!!!

Hope all is well! 

Well this week was good, we are working with some really great people, both members and non members. Maira is all set for baptism this week! Unfortunately her mom had to go out of town and didn't go to church so we will work with her for a later date. But Maira is so sweet and she's really excited. 

Also we are working with a man named Oscar Eduardo who is super capo (that means top notch or something like that...) and he went to church for the first time here yesterday. He was interested in the church because his brother got baptized a few years ago and he saw a huge change for the better in his brother and he wants that too. Pretty cool huh?

We had interviews with Presidente Chaparro yesterday and it really helped me to realize what things I need to improve in. The only way to do missionary work in the Lord's way is through the Spirit. When we are obedient, when we study well, when we get along with our companion, everything is important in our worthiness for the companionship of the Spirit. And when we have the Spirit everything else will come - the gift of tongues [being able to communicate well and understand others in their language], more investigators, more people in church, more happiness, etc. There is a scripture that I really like in 3 Nephi 19:9. I don't know it in English but basically it says that the disciples of Jesus were praying for what they most desired, and their desire was that they be given the Holy Ghost. I learned a lesson from their example. What is what I most desire? To be worthy of the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost? I know that I am in the Lord's work and that in order to do it in His way, it is essential to have His help through the Spirit. I know that in our lives every day we can feel the Spirit's influence when we live worthily and seek it. 

Well that's enough for today, ¡hasta la próxima semana! 
PS Happy Friend Day. (there is an Argentine holiday for everything.)

Hermana Hooke
PSS I have de ja vu every time I write, I do apologize if I say the same things every week...

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