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Monday, February 9, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day I guess...


I hope life is good for everyone! And if it's not, remember that it will get better, and that hard times help us grow. I love you all very much!

This week was very good. Here are a few highlights and fun facts.

-Hernan received the priesthood yesterday! He's super excited to pass the sacrament!
-We found a ward directory the other day and now we have probably literally 50 less active members to go find that we never knew existed, and help our branch grow!
-The Elderes in our branch had a baptism of 2 brothers on Saturday. We brought facturas (like pastries) and a member brought her 2 recently-castrated heavily-anesthetesized cats, so it was a good time overall.
-Today we got up at 5am to hike a mountain to see the sun rise. There's a cross at the top, it reminded me of Ventura! Except for it's not all dead and brown, it's a green jungle. [She's forgotten we've actually had rain in Ventura--it's green now, but not quite a jungle!]  It was raining so there was no sunrise but it was still fun.

Crossing a bridge in their area (San Pedro de Jujuy)
-Carnaval is here! And we live on the 3rd floor above a panaderia [bakery] (Idk if I've mentioned that before, it's literally the best thing that's ever happened to me) that just so happens to be on the very street where the parade starts every weekend in February at about 11:30pm until about 2 or 3am...so that's fun. 
-Also there's a tradition with carnaval that people throw bumbuchas (water balloons) at random passersby, so that's also fun. It really is though, because it has been rell hot.
Carnaval (Emily ran out of time and had to take the memory card out of the computer before it fully loaded:)

-There was an Hermana Hooker in my area before! Everyone asks me if we are sisters. Someone looked at my name tag and asked me what happened to the ¨r¨...haha... That, my friend, is a long story.

Claudina gave the birthday cake to Hna Chumioque
Well I hope that you have a wonderful week and count your blessings every day! They are there if we look for them! 

Love, Hermana Hooke

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