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Monday, January 26, 2015

Another week of adventures in Hoohoooooooeeyyy!!!


I hope you all had a swell week!  Well I don't know where you get your facts Mom [I had checked the Salta and Jujuy weather site, which showed that Jujuy is a little less humid than Salta] but Jujuy is most definitely 9583 times more humid than Salta. Some days are really hot, and others hotter. And sometimes it rains. But it is beautiful and everything is suuuper green! This week was pretty crazy because Hna Chumioque was in the hospital for a few days, but she's doing well now.

Emily didn't say, but we're assuming this is Hna Chumioque at the hospital...

"Be happy / Be a Mormon!"

So on Monday I was in a trio with Hna Jones and Hna Chavez which was fun, then on Tuesday a member who returned from her mission in Uruguay a month ago was my companion, which was also super fun. It turned out well. I don't know our area very well yet because it is huuuuuge and I'd only been here a week, but we went to visit everyone that I knew where they live, and then luckily when I ran out of people to visit, we realized we were late for a  branch council meeting, so that was good, haha.

We have an investigator named Hernan, he is 13, and he will most likely get baptized this Saturday! He is super great, he came to church, and today there was a sport activity and we came to help someone with English and Hernan was there--we didn't even invite him! It was great. Really every person who is getting to know the church needs a spiritual conversion but also a social conversion to help them stay strong. If you see people in church you don't know, get to know them! It makes all the difference!!!

The members here are really nice, there's a member and returned missionary Federico that kind of reminds me of Tommy--he's really funny and he accompanies us a lot because he is on vacation from school. Well the mish (and life) can be a montaña rusa (roller coaster) but I know that all the ups and downs are to help us learn and progress! Love you all monton ["a big mountain" = bunches]!!!

Hermana Hooke

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