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Monday, February 22, 2016

Learning from the Spirit


This week we had a zone conference with President and Hermana Chaparro and we talked a lot about one of Elder Bednar's talks that is about the role of the Holy Ghost in the conversion of investigators, and our role as missionaries to help in the process. We tried hard to put it into practice and had some really good experiences. Especially we had such a spiritual lesson with Ariel and his mom Irene. (I don't remember if I've mentioned Ariel...he works for the branch president and showed up at church and now we are teaching him and he is the best!) We tried to ask inspired questions, and to one question in particular Irene had trouble responding, and maybe in the past I would have started explaining the doctrine again thinking she hadn't understood. But this time we just waited patiently and silently, and then she responded and her answer was perfect! I really could see that the Spirit was teaching her. We are not the teachers - the Spirit is the teacher and we are just tools in God's hands. When we shared about the First Vision [when Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to the boy Joseph Smith] and prayed together, Ariel said he felt "fire and peace", and Irene after thinking for a minute said she felt "a strength." It is so beautiful to see how the Spirit works with our investigators when we are careful not to get in the way. 
"But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, 
whom the Father will send in my name, 
he shall teach you all things..." (John 14:26)
The Spirit is our teacher and is the teacher of our investigators. Maybe we don't have Heavenly Father or Jesus Christ right by our side, but we have the other member of the godhead, the Holy Ghost. I am so grateful for the blessing of having His help in this work, because it is only with His help that we can do God's work in God's own way.
Love you all, have a great week!
Hermana Hooke

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